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Animal Fad

After seeing Up again, I have decided that birds are definitely in the running for this year’s animal fad. Funny looking birds.UP_wallpapers_1600x1200_06

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Josh Poehlein

Ok so you might already know Josh Poehlein. (I will probably keep posting artists who you already know until I find some more art blogs to look through…)


In any case, he does great illustrations over his photography. He usually keeps it pretty simple – always with white lines – and never overshadows the photos he uses.


He also has a series of photos that he has collaged together from youtube video stills. Which is kind of sweet.

[this is a link - – we’re going to kill the joke, yeah?

Paper Mache Magazine// Kelsey <3s to blog

Picture 1

Partly because I love kids, and partly because I love graphic design, I love things like Paper Mache, which recently put out their first issue. (Online, and I think irl also). Well anyway I just love this photo/ I seem to want to blog way too much.


New Painting

New Elk Picture Yo

Hey Corny,

So! This is a painting. I know that deer are like, the fad animal or last year. And I myself have gotten sick of them. HOWEVER. This is actually supposed to be an elk. And I painted it from a sketch I made a year ago. What do you think the next fad animal is going to be? My bet’s on whales.

So yea, not the best photo ever taken, but it’s good enough- let me know what you think!

[This is a Kelsey.]

Animal Trees

Ok, I have to make this quick because my dad is about to steal me away to the cabin.

Animal Trees

So I had this idea for an animation and decided to draw it out. I think if I do end up animating it I will probably change the colors as to not pretend that I’m Dr. Seuss. That was not anticipated

Kelsey, I don’t know how to use this website.

[this is a Courtney]

First Cool Thing- Peter Taylor!

Peter Taylor

Hi Corny! You might already have seen Peter Taylor on BOOOOOOOM but I have been pretty excited about him. I love how perfect these drawings are. They make me curious about how he actually made them- computer? No? And all the poses he draws this funny guy in are just perfect. Anyway– what do you think?