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Jean Giraud (aka Moebius)

Quenched Consciousness is a tumblr dedicated to archiving Jean Giraud’s work. There are hundreds of pages of the artist’s comics, illustrations, and sketches. I highly recommend checking it out.

Michaela Bruton

Sculpture by Michaela Bruton, as a part of her current exhibit “Oomph Trajectories” in Melbourne. Her work uses repetitive line and fine wire-working. “In this work Michaela examines how movement and rhythm can be generated through repetitive pattern, and whether this can create an illusion of life or ‘oomph’ in otherwise inanimate forms. The essence of time and hand made processes is reflected through works that pursue repetitious detailing.”- Craft

David Lucas

Illustrations for “Whale” by David Lucas.

Ken Wong

Paintings by Ken Wong.

Kelly Rae Burns

These animals had me charmed at first glance. Check out the rest of Kelly Rae Burn’s portfolio here.

{via the jealous curator}

Julie Heffernan

Paintings by Julie Heffernan.

{via dark silence in suburbia}

Alex Roulette


Paintings by Alex Roulette.

Derek Weisberg

“My goal is to create images, which are accessible and allow the viewer to have an experience which can not be easily articulated, but felt.” – Derek Weisberg

I’d say goal achieved.

{via My Love For You}


Happy Chinese New Year!

Frater’s short animation celebrating the year of the rabbit. (A couple days late!)


RGB exhibition from Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, together known as Carnovsky. The wallpaper shown above has three patterns in three colors. In normal lighting, the layers overlap to create a disorienting (yet extraordinarily beautiful!) effect. When seen through red, green, and blue filters, the individual patterns become clear.

{via Kelsey and Designboom}