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John K

Last night, John K. (creator of Ren & Stimpy) guest animated the Simpson’s intro couch gag. Definitely take a look!

Cartoon Brew has posted a wonderfully in-depth interview with John K about his work on this project. They have also posted a series of clips showing John K’s process (with much better sound effects than the video above!)

John and Faith Hubley

Michael Sporn just wrote a wonderful post about Moonbird, the 1959 Academy Award winning short by the Hubleys. He’s posted a lot of beautiful stills as well as good information regarding techniques, sound, paints, etc. Definitely take a look!

And if you’re not familiar with the film:

{via Michael Sporn Splog}

Ponyo Opening Titles

I finally got a chance to see Ponyo this weekend. One of the sequences that I have continued thinking about was actually the opening titles. I love them; they had me totally mesmerized. Luckily I’m not the only one, and I was able to find them posted online. Enjoy!

Happy Shark Week!

In celebration of shark week, here are some beautiful character designs by Carter Goodrich, from his work on Finding Nemo. So have a happy shark week, and make sure to visit Goodrich’s website during the commercial break!

Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean

A great Zoetrope-inspired music video by Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean. Things to know: The band is is The Weekend People, the song is We are Police, and the Zoetropes are tons of fun.

{via Cartoon Brew}

Deja View

If I have not yet convinced you to add Andreas Deja’s new blog to your bookmark list, perhaps these will do it:

These drawings are by John Lounsbery, one of Walt Disney’s ‘Nine Old Men’, and one of my favorite animators. The characters, of course, are one of the Italian chefs from Lady and the Tramp and the wolf from The Sword in the Stone. 

Please do yourself a favor and head over to Deja View. What I have posted is only a tiny sampling of all the wonderful drawings Andreas Deja has posted. Take a look!

And for good measure:

Nicolas Marlet

Caricatures by Nicolas Marlet. This settles it – I’m gonna try to start doing some caricature.

{via Hans Bacher’s Animation Treasures}

Andreas Deja’s New Blog

(Photo: Deja (left) with legendary Disney animator Eric Larson)

Andreas Deja has started a blog! I, for one, am extremely excited to add this blog to my morning routine. Go there!

For those who need a refresher, Deja was supervising animator of The Lion King‘s Scar, Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston, and most recently Winnie the Pooh‘s Tigger (to name just a few – more listed here) Deja has promised animation ruffs, thumbnails, and character designs (from Disney’s Nine Old Men and other inspirational animators), many of which have never been published.

Already Deja has made good on this promise, posting the pencil test below. The clip is from Sleeping Beauty; the first shot animated by Ollie Johnston, and the second by Frank Thomas

Gives me goosebumps! Notice how Ollie has staged the three fairies so that the audience is always looking in the right place. Watch the clip three times (or more!), concentrating on what Ollie has done with each character. Notice how Merryweather bounces excitedly before her line, and how Flora’s finger is brought up to Fauna’s face right before Fauna gets her line (our eye is already exactly where it has to be!) So good!

It contrasts so nicely with the second shot. As Deja notes, “And Frank’s close up of Merryweather shows a mood change with stunning subtleties.The way her head anticipates ever so slightly the word “frost”.”

Have I convinced you yet to head over to Deja’s blog? Would another link do it?




Chris Sanders

This is a short that Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon) made when he was at Cal Arts. It’s not the best quality video, but it’s beautiful hand-drawn animation.

Mary Blair


I am in the last 5 weeks of production on my thesis film (meaning the deadline is 5 weeks away and I am scrambling to schedule all of the final steps into such a small amount of time. also meaning I have not had as much time for blog posts lately, which I apologize for!) Lately I have been doing some research on background design and color to start getting excited and inspired, and today Mary Blair is standing out to me. Above is some of her concept work for Peter Pan. Much MUCH more can be found on Michael Sporn’s blog.