Animal Trees

Ok, I have to make this quick because my dad is about to steal me away to the cabin.

Animal Trees

So I had this idea for an animation and decided to draw it out. I think if I do end up animating it I will probably change the colors as to not pretend that I’m Dr. Seuss. That was not anticipated

Kelsey, I don’t know how to use this website.

[this is a Courtney]


2 responses to “Animal Trees

  1. Corny, you will learn. However, your picture (or video?) didn’t end up uploading here.

    You will have to bring your lappy top over here and we can sit and figure it out together.

  2. Oh! Just kidding! I see it! Corny, you have a twisted mind. In a very good way. And this, to my eyes, has a LOT of potential. Creation story? Ehhhh? My FAVORITE is the bear. I think because he’s just kinda, hangin out, bein a tree.

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