New Painting

New Elk Picture Yo

Hey Corny,

So! This is a painting. I know that deer are like, the fad animal or last year. And I myself have gotten sick of them. HOWEVER. This is actually supposed to be an elk. And I painted it from a sketch I made a year ago. What do you think the next fad animal is going to be? My bet’s on whales.

So yea, not the best photo ever taken, but it’s good enough- let me know what you think!

[This is a Kelsey.]


2 responses to “New Painting

  1. Looove the colors. Especially lower left-hand corner. What’s the gold? Sharpie painty-pen? maybe? I also like that it’s named New Elk Picture Yo.

    Personally I love whales and wouldn’t mind a whale fad. I’d say it’s a close call between whales and birds. Unless birds already happened. In which case maybe elephants.

  2. Cool! Yes it is a paint pen. You forgot to say this is a Corny!

    This is a Kelsey!!

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