Josh Poehlein

Ok so you might already know Josh Poehlein. (I will probably keep posting artists who you already know until I find some more art blogs to look through…)


In any case, he does great illustrations over his photography. He usually keeps it pretty simple – always with white lines – and never overshadows the photos he uses.


He also has a series of photos that he has collaged together from youtube video stills. Which is kind of sweet.

[this is a link – – we’re going to kill the joke, yeah?


5 responses to “Josh Poehlein

  1. Corny, I love these. Also, I have never seen them before. I think for now we should just assume that the other person HASN’T seen something, and then we can just say if we have. That will make more sense. Is this stuff kind of how you were thinking of animating? I think you should. It looks perfect for something like that.

    [This is a Kelsey]

  2. And hey, I’m not that worried about killing the joke.

  3. Yes! Animating something like this is the plan.

    And I agree that that would make much more sense.

    [this is a Courtney]
    I’m a little worried about killing the joke

  4. But not that worried

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