Animal Fad

After seeing Up again, I have decided that birds are definitely in the running for this year’s animal fad. Funny looking birds.UP_wallpapers_1600x1200_06

Partly Cloudy is the new Pixar short that is shown before Up. I am a huge fan of Pixar shorts and was really excited to see this one. Especially because I had been hearing about it all week – they didn’t play it when I saw the film in New York, so today was my first time seeing it. And I loved it!  But look – more funny looking birds:


And then I came home and was looking through my sketchbook for something to draw and saw that this was the last thing I drew:


BAH! So…I don’t think I can animate this bird for awhile, as Pixar kind of has a monopoly on funny birds. Maybe I will do it after Toy Story 3.

[this is a Courtney]


One response to “Animal Fad

  1. i just, LOVE that bird

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