Paula Mills: Questionable Cuteness

Paula Mills 1

Hi Corny! How is being back in New York? Well, I have been ambling around the internet and I found Paula Mills. She seems to make like, everything- collages, paintings, drawings, crafts, and photos…. and sells a bunch of stuff on Etsy. A lot of this stuff is really fun to my eyes, but I’m not quite sure what to think of some of the sort of racist imagery in some of her stuff.

Paula Mills 2

Like, in this REALLY cool looking alphabet, “I” stands for “Indian.” Uhh…. And I’m pretty sure the picture of an “Indian” is a bit problematic as well. Well I decided to post her anyway because the brightness of everything is getting me all inspire-y. Just….. remember that I am not a fan of racist imagery, even if it’s being used ironically, as I suspect it may be here.

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