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Paula Mills: Questionable Cuteness

Paula Mills 1

Hi Corny! How is being back in New York? Well, I have been ambling around the internet and I found Paula Mills. She seems to make like, everything- collages, paintings, drawings, crafts, and photos…. and sells a bunch of stuff on Etsy. A lot of this stuff is really fun to my eyes, but I’m not quite sure what to think of some of the sort of racist imagery in some of her stuff.

Paula Mills 2

Like, in this REALLY cool looking alphabet, “I” stands for “Indian.” Uhh…. And I’m pretty sure the picture of an “Indian” is a bit problematic as well. Well I decided to post her anyway because the brightness of everything is getting me all inspire-y. Just….. remember that I am not a fan of racist imagery, even if it’s being used ironically, as I suspect it may be here.


Also! Julene Harrison

Julene Harrison papercut

OH man.  Is this stuff by Julene Harrison awesome or WHAT.  (Plus I love the saying, ha ha!)

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Cut Copy Poster

Cut CopyI think this poster for Cut Copy by Justin David Cox is so clever and fun. (Warning: Some explicit stuff on that link.)  (However, all of his work is the best.  Especially, check out that Ratatat poster.)

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Animal Fad

After seeing Up again, I have decided that birds are definitely in the running for this year’s animal fad. Funny looking birds.UP_wallpapers_1600x1200_06

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Josh Poehlein

Ok so you might already know Josh Poehlein. (I will probably keep posting artists who you already know until I find some more art blogs to look through…)


In any case, he does great illustrations over his photography. He usually keeps it pretty simple – always with white lines – and never overshadows the photos he uses.


He also has a series of photos that he has collaged together from youtube video stills. Which is kind of sweet.

[this is a link – – we’re going to kill the joke, yeah?

Paper Mache Magazine// Kelsey <3s to blog

Picture 1

Partly because I love kids, and partly because I love graphic design, I love things like Paper Mache, which recently put out their first issue. (Online, and I think irl also). Well anyway I just love this photo/ I seem to want to blog way too much.


New Painting

New Elk Picture Yo

Hey Corny,

So! This is a painting. I know that deer are like, the fad animal or last year. And I myself have gotten sick of them. HOWEVER. This is actually supposed to be an elk. And I painted it from a sketch I made a year ago. What do you think the next fad animal is going to be? My bet’s on whales.

So yea, not the best photo ever taken, but it’s good enough- let me know what you think!

[This is a Kelsey.]