To Kelsey Bear

So I drew you this bear, because I haven’t finished my weird challenge thing yet. And then I went at it with some paint kinda like this girl . Spano would be crabby about this picture because the colors are kinda way off…but…


Tiny left ear. good.



4 responses to “To Kelsey Bear

  1. awww! i love him! he is soooo mischevious. and i love his tiny ear.

  2. I want that little girl. Could you arrange that please?

  3. I feel like I’m gonna kill somebody. the color is just that bad. You call yourself an art student!!!!!What is the world coming to!!!uuughhh!!!

  4. !!!

    I forgot I made that comment that you’d be crabby about the colors, and then I read your comment and was thinking, “JEEZ Spano!! It’s just a little doodle thing!”

    but if you’re just mocking me, then fine.

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