Seeing about this….


Here is one of the new paintings I’ve been working on.  After some thought, I think it looks a bit like a First Communion card or something.  Please tell me what you think.



5 responses to “Seeing about this….

  1. I love it! I want to buy it and hang it on my wall.

    (yeah, I stalk Corny’s wall and I saw you posted this. I’m a creep.)

  2. April! You’re so cute.

  3. Rebekah Petzoldt

    HEY!!! I like this. It does end up looking like a first communion card but only did I notice this after you said it. I’m really liking the vibrant cool colors and the gold. The dove reminds me of an angle. and BTW Kelsey I’m always impressed with your art. :3

    lots of artsy love to you,

  4. (Whine:) Every time you make something it’s my new favoriiiiiite. It’s so hard to keep up.

    Anyway, I’ll fight April for it. Or, we have the same wall for the next year so we can share. But after that, who knows? It’s gonna go down, that’s for sure.

  5. could be also for a confirmation card… i like your color layering. 🙂

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