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Obama Rides A Mastodon


That’s the name of this piece that I totally want on ArtSlob‘s Etsy.




something else that isn’t what i have promised

Scan 12

i will never finish the challenge.

here is a thing i found, it’s the first time i did that hide-a-word-y thing that makes things so impossible to read.  but it kind of makes me laugh.

so black it’s blue

Guess what I didn’t do…BUY GLUE.

so instead I drew this picture for Sydney because I couldn’t steal the real little girl (and more importantly because I TOTALLY misunderstood her request for the little girl in the first place…until I realized who I was dealing with. What good is a picture when you can just steal the kid, yeah?) oof. glue soon.


preview to a weird thing

Rainin 2

So this is a sketchbook page.. or 2 sketchbook pages..  that are my version of your bear, as a preview to a pretty weird challenge thing that is NOWHERE near completion.. sorry!!!!


An Awesome Book!

Picture 2

Corny, there is this book, called An Awesome Book, that this guy Dallas Clayton wrote, and I think it is pretty cute.   And you can read the whole thing on that link!


To Kelsey Bear

So I drew you this bear, because I haven’t finished my weird challenge thing yet. And then I went at it with some paint kinda like this girl . Spano would be crabby about this picture because the colors are kinda way off…but…


Tiny left ear. good.


Victor Dubrovsky

Felted toy animals. I would like them all please.




Check out the rest of his little animals here. He has some great photography too.


Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis has a lot of cool illustrations on her website and on her mnartist page (I always get very excited when someone has a page on mnartist…granted I get excited whenever I see the word Minnesota written just about anywhere.) First one’s my favorite.



This bear just makes me giggle.



SOUR – Hibi No Neiro

OK so I have seen this video posted on every website this week, and at first I wasn’t going to repost it. But let’s be honest, if I didn’t repost it, I would just end up sending you the link anyways. Because on the off chance that you haven’t seen this yet, you really MUST see it.