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Noele Lusano

I had a lot of trouble picking photos from her website. Loved them all (which is my excuse for why this post is going to be so very very long)


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Gabo Gesualdi

Picture 5

I was like, “I don’t feel like making art.”  Then I watched this, and I was like….. YES I DO.

But now I have to go to bed!



OK. This is not actually finished completely, but I lost momentum, and now I feel like I was kinda nutso when I started making it in the first place because it’s so weird. And now I’m questioning my ability to finish the last couple details….also I was supposed to post this a week ago. SO here it is as of now…

Sentence: While that smile was on his face no one dared address him; all they could do was to stand ready to obey.

Weird Thingy:

IMG_0924 (3)

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Unfortunately this picture flattens it out a lot. Imagine the cardboard popping out more and being more cave-y


EDIT: I think I know what I should have done. Consider this preliminary. Stay tuned for revisions.

Obama Rides A Mastodon


That’s the name of this piece that I totally want on ArtSlob‘s Etsy.




something else that isn’t what i have promised

Scan 12

i will never finish the challenge.

here is a thing i found, it’s the first time i did that hide-a-word-y thing that makes things so impossible to read.  but it kind of makes me laugh.

so black it’s blue

Guess what I didn’t do…BUY GLUE.

so instead I drew this picture for Sydney because I couldn’t steal the real little girl (and more importantly because I TOTALLY misunderstood her request for the little girl in the first place…until I realized who I was dealing with. What good is a picture when you can just steal the kid, yeah?) oof. glue soon.