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Bela Borsodi

I think this Alphabet series by Bela Borsodi is so cool. I can’t believe how straight and precise she got some of these lines to be.





You Byun

You Byun‘s work makes me want to animate. I especially like these two:



Some Landscapes


Stefan Ruiz – La Paz, Bolivia


Christian Chaize – Praia Piquinia

Ryan Murray

I am about to post too many things. I hope that is okay. I am bored of that youtube video being at the top of this page, and also I can’t sleep.

Stare at some colors:





Julie Morstad

Julie Morstad was just featured on BOOOOOOOM – went to her website and found out that she’s pretty amazing. Check out the drawings and the illustrations.



Willard Wigan

Saw this artist on Conan yesterday. So cool.


Maraid’s Flickr- Old Eastern European Matchcovers

Picture 13

I love the quirkiness of these (and the sarcasm of a lot of them).  Apparently, matchbox-label-collecting is a thing.  It’s called “phillumeny.”  Well maybe I’ll have to start phillumenating.

Picture 5

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 12


Freibad- by Overture

Picture 2

Around the middle of this video, things get really awesome.  I love this.  It’s so beautiful in every frame.  And also, it reminds me of the Bowery mural.


Bowery & Houston

IMG_1000 (1)

This is the new mural at the intersection of Bowery and Houston by Os Gemeos. It is yet ANOTHER thing that reminds me of A Child’s Metaphysics by Koji Yamamura (that animation that I want to post so very badly…) It is also yet another thing that I love a lot.

Click to enlarge pictures – they’re much better that way, and then zoom in because it gets even better. Keep reading for close-ups!


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I Like You Graphik


“I’ve been told that sticking to my vision is important. But I’ve found that lack of space, money, and access to whole salmon can easily trump foresight. I’ll keep working on these anyway.”


This guy’s work is really cool. and his website is really cool. and his blog is really cool. But I can’t manage to get his pictures of the website. so go click click this liiink right here.