Monthly Archives: November 2009

Amy Casey

I like these paintings. Follow the link at the bottom if you’re interested.




Drink by Pat Smith

We watched this animation in class today. Thought it was nice.


Going West

100% hand-made, no computers during production.


Boston Big Picture

I have been obsessing over this picture for the last couple days:

I found this site called The Big Picture that posts amazing news photography, and I have been browsing through it compulsively ever since. I guarantee I will be posting more pictures at some point, but here are my favorites so far.


Peter de Seve

More inspiration of the day via Peter de Seve:

Anonymous Inspiration

I was searching around some random animation blogs today and found this post about illustration styles. Nothing had captions, so unfortunately I have no idea who did these or what they are from, but I’m posting them anyways because they’ve caught my fancy.

Julien Pacaud

I just spent a lot of time dawdling around this website – link for more

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6