Monthly Archives: January 2010

Yellena James

I rediscovered some drawings and paintings from Yellena James as I was going through some folders on my desktop. Check out her website – it’s full of nice things too look at.


Charles Clary

I love papercuts.  And Charles Clary’s work is so inspiring.  And, sometimes he hides cool surprises inside of it!!  I’d love to see some of this in real life.


A Bear

Scott Teplin

I will always have a soft spot for themed alphabets. Scott Teplin’s “Alphabet City” of dream houses can be found here. I would also recommend looking around the site, because he has some pretty great sketchbooks and experiments up.

He also has a print version:

Stephen De Vight

Just stumbled upon Stephen De Vight’s Burning Lightbulbs series. Basically, he broke several light bulbs and photographed the filaments burning. I love them all.


2010 Project: Lisa Congdon

I’m a big fan of once-daily type projects. Lisa Congdon, who is a fantastic illustrator/painter, is doing such a project for all of 2010 called A Collection a Day. According to Lisa, “most of the collections are real” and some are “imagined.” Certainly (from what I can tell so far), all of them are awesome.

Mark Weaver is wow!

Hi Corny!  Have you seen anything by Mark Weaver?  I feel like he’s getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere (dumb word) lately.  In fact, I feel like I’ve blogged him before…..  He’ssocoollike!!

Frank Gonzales

It may not come as such a shock that my eyes have been stuck to the work of Frank Gonzales.


guess who’s back blogging

Hey Corny!  I’m thinking this might be my first blog post since the summer.  Check out Eric Testroete’s Big Head project.  His website includes a tutorial on how to make one of your own- I dare you to make one and traipse around New York wearing it.