Monthly Archives: January 2010

Yellena James

I rediscovered some drawings and paintings from Yellena James as I was going through some folders on my desktop. Check out her website – it’s full of nice things too look at.



Charles Clary

I love papercuts.  And Charles Clary’s work is so inspiring.  And, sometimes he hides cool surprises inside of it!!  I’d love to see some of this in real life.


A Bear

Scott Teplin

I will always have a soft spot for themed alphabets. Scott Teplin’s “Alphabet City” of dream houses can be found here. I would also recommend looking around the site, because he has some pretty great sketchbooks and experiments up.

He also has a print version:

Stephen De Vight

Just stumbled upon Stephen De Vight’s Burning Lightbulbs series. Basically, he broke several light bulbs and photographed the filaments burning. I love them all.


2010 Project: Lisa Congdon

I’m a big fan of once-daily type projects. Lisa Congdon, who is a fantastic illustrator/painter, is doing such a project for all of 2010 called A Collection a Day. According to Lisa, “most of the collections are real” and some are “imagined.” Certainly (from what I can tell so far), all of them are awesome.

Mark Weaver is wow!

Hi Corny!  Have you seen anything by Mark Weaver?  I feel like he’s getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere (dumb word) lately.  In fact, I feel like I’ve blogged him before…..  He’ssocoollike!!