In Defense of Birds

This morning I read a post on OK Great about why foxes rule our world. As is becoming a trend in my every day life, I found myself thinking about how much I love birds. So I thought I would take a second and remind everyone just how great birds are for the world:

1. Julie Morstad

2. Mark Weaver

3. Pixar’s “Partly Cloudy”

4. Brendan Wenzel

5. Frank Gonzalez

6. Carrie Marill

7. Marco Cibola

8. Amy Ross

9. Jennifer Davis

10. Gustav Hoiland

And also I have nothing against foxes.



3 responses to “In Defense of Birds

  1. life would be lot lot duller without them.
    fantastic images

  2. yea girl. i’m always down for birds.

    i haven’t checked the blog since forever, so i just saw this post….. and i have to say i’m working on an illustration of a fox. dammit

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