Not that pretty, but what I’m doing

"turning over a new leaf" (turning the page of a book to a clean sheet)

I’m doing a set of illustrations for my neighbor (Mpls).  She’s researching how English language learners learn idioms.  The idea of her project is to show a class of ELL students illustrations of the literal origin of idioms, and explain the literal meaning of the idiom.  Then, she’ll test whether that helps them retain the knowledge any better than just teaching them the colloquial meaning of the idiom.

I think.

Anyway, it’s kind of fun learning where idioms come from.  Some are kind of surprising- like “giving someone the cold shoulder” comes from medieval times; when you wanted a dinner guest to leave for the night, but they were sticking around too long, you’d serve them a cold shoulder of mutton.  Gross!  I haven’t illustrated that one yet.

"Throwing in the towel" (when a boxer loses a match, his coach throws a towel into the ring)

"Throwing in the towel" (a coach throws a towel to a dejected boxer)

I mean, they’re very textbook-y.  But that’s what I was going for.  Straightforward, not creative exactly, and instead just informative and not stylistically distracting.  I’m getting paid too, so that’s awesome.


p.s.  the color profile of the files is set to be printed out, and I was too lazy to change it, so the versions showing up on the blog are VERY UGLY NEON COLORS.  too late at night to care.


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