Monthly Archives: March 2010

Jim Kazanjian

“I am interested in a kind of “entropic” image, an image that has the capacity to de-familiarize itself. My current work is an attempt to unravel the photograph and play with established notions of time, space, and the understanding of what gives things context.

Through fragmentation and re-composition of the photographic space, the non-linear nature of reading the image is folded in on itself. The structure of the photograph is unwound and reshuffled. This reshaping becomes an iterative process that spurs the generation of something altogether different.

Something ineffable.” – artist statement

Jennifer Khoshbin

Book art by Jennifer Khoshbin’s. I love how she manipulates books with specific words and illustrations (both her own illustrations and those found in the books she uses) Even the way she cuts the paper is appealing . Go to her website immediately – I wanted to post pretty much every image.

Alex MacLean

Alex MacLean is a photographer/pilot who specializes in aerial photography.

flower fields:

logs and algae:

stream interrupting harvest fields:

Dinghies clustered around a dock:

A bit of biography:

“Trained as an architect, he has portrayed the history and evolution of the land from vast agricultural patterns to city grids, recording changes brought about by human intervention and natural processes.  His powerful and descriptive images provide clues to understanding the relationship between the natural and constructed environments.  “

Andrea Offermann

Illustrations by Andrea Offerman

Jennifer Maestre

“My sculptures were originally inspired by the form and function of the sea urchin. The spines of the urchin, so dangerous yet beautiful, serve as an explicit warning against contact. The alluring texture of the spines draws the touch in spite of the possible consequences. The tension unveiled, we feel push and pull, desire and repulsion. The sections of pencils present aspects of sharp and smooth for two very different textural and aesthetic experiences. Paradox and surprise are integral in my choice of materials.” – Jennifer Maestre

I love Jennifer Maestre’s colored pencil statues, and even more I love how she uses both the tip of the pencil and the inside of the pencil to create her designs.

Demakersvan Fences

Demakersvan is a Dutch Design House that combines industrial chainlink fences with ancient lace-making techniques. I would be happier if all chainlink fences looked like this.

Not Paper

I have become totally obsessed with Not Paper, a blog of collages. Here are some of my favorites from their archives:


Paper Apartment:Martin Schmidt

Tata Vislevkaya

I love the colors in these photos by Tata Vislevskaya.

It’s a Bear

Stealing from Kelsey….

Bear by Yennnie

Mark Boellaard

I am loving collage today, and Mark Boellaard is perfect for my mood.