Ehren Reed

Ehren Reed creates fantastic mixed media pieces with maps, paper, thread, and found objects.

“As I began to explore, I began incorporating traditional craft media into my fine art, thinking about the role of physicality & touch in the context of contemporary culture & technology. The pixelated works are a product of that investigation. The process I use, more or less, is taking digital photos of people (friends, etc.) and then putting the photos through the mosaic filter in Photoshop. Then I loosely translate those images into sewn pieces. For me, much of the content of my work lies in this process – taking something physical (the person/subject of the photo), turning it into something digital, manipulating that thing digitally, then spitting it back out as something distinctly physical. It’s like a strange metamorphosis. For me, that process is a kind of catharsis. It gives me something to hang on to when everything else seems so ethereal & fleeting.” –Ehren Reed

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