Monthly Archives: June 2010

Pencil Test Depot

I don’t know how I’ve missed Pencil Test Depot all this time. It’s definitely a blog worth checking out – full of old pencil tests that will leave you feeling either inspired or daunted.


Julia Pott

I just discovered the work of Julia Pott. First, there’s her animation. The colors, the character design, the background art – it is all beautiful, and I recommend watching these immediately. (And head over to her Youtube account if you want to watch more)

Second, there’s her illustration (check out her Flickr here)

And third, she has an Etsy page full of tote bags, stickers, prints, and more.

Now I am fully inspired and ready to get animating. Happy Sunday! (and happy 200th post)

David Galletly

My Love For You is having a huge art fundraiser to raise money for the Gulf. They just posted a bunch of sneak peeks for what will be on sale, including this video of David Galletly’s work in progress. Makes me want to take out a pen immediately.

Eric Ailcane

Eric Ailcane has an enormous body of work – click the link immediately, and look at it all! Not only does he have pages and pages of illustrations, paintings, and etchings, but he’s also created murals and installations around the world.

Carlos Rodrigo

Photography by Carlos Rodrigo.

Peter Baker

Photography by Peter Baker – chock-full 0f Midwestern nostalgia (especially all that nighttime snow)

Julia Randall

I skimmed over Julia Randall’s work a couple times before realizing that she works with colored pencils and not photography.

I was curious to read her bio, interested in both her process and her fixation with tongues, but I haven’t been able to find one.


Shhh… is an archive of old National Geographic scans. I highly recommend paging through.

Mark Weaver

Thanks to Tekserve and a new logic board, my laptop is running again. Which means 1. I am back to posting, and 2. I was able to rediscover Mark Weaver.

Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Taking this post straight from Cartoon Brew because I love it so much.

“Blockhead’s “The Music Scene” by Anthony Francisco Schepperd will be one of the finest animated music videos you’ll see this year. You can’t fake this kind of animation—Schepperd is an animator’s animator whose drawings breathe and pulsate with energy surging from one subject matter to another. His surrealistic morphing visuals are rooted in solid drawing and his rough animation style complements his seemingly stream-of-conscious flow of visual ideas. The pencil mileage that went into making this is mind-boggling; the only credit on the Vimeo page is Schepperd, and if he animated the entire thing himself, all I can say is wow! Along with last year’s video for Ape School’s “Wail to God”, Schepperd has proven himself to be one of the most exciting traditional animators on the scene right now. Find out more about his work at” -Amid Amidi