Monthly Archives: August 2010

Peter Clark

Peter Clark makes paper collages using found papers (and only found papers – no paints, no inks.) I love how much depth and texture he gets by choosing the papers carefully and varying pattern and color. Also love the added effect of folding and cutting paper -especially in the first one.

The Land of Giants

Alex just sent me these pictures, and wow wow wow I wish they were real.  They were submitted as a part of an Icelandic contest to design new electrical pylons. They won an honorable mention but no first prize…so alas…unbuilt.

But ooh these would look amazing in Iceland.


Pepa Prieto

Oh, I love this painting by Pepa Prieto. She has a lot of great work, but I keep coming back to this one.

Tracey Long

Illustrations by Tracey Long

Siba Sahabi

‘Paper Porcelain’ is a series of sculptures inspired by black etruscan ceramics, but made from thin slips of wall paper. Check out Siba Sahabi’s website here.

Suzanne Revy

I want to be in a pool. (Check out the rest of Suzanne Revy’s work here.)

NBC Peacock

I never knew NBC did animated commercials. This is the newest by Nathan Love. According to Cartoon Brew, the whole thing is 3D, a fact that I am having a hard time getting my head around. In any case, I think the spot is very successful. Below are some older NBC peacocks by John K (creator of the great Ren & Stimpy)

Lace Tree

I wish I knew how to make this.

Victo Ngai

I’m back from Iceland! We will be posting pictures from the trip soon, but with close to 1000 pictures to sort through, it is taking us a bit longer than expected.

For now here are some illustrations by Victo Ngai: (I especially love this bowlcut)