Monthly Archives: September 2010

Nas Chompas

Illustrations by Nas Chompas.

Theis Wendt

Drawings by Theis Wendt

Dalton Ghetti

Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti, made from the lead of a pencil.

Kristopher Ho

New illustration work by Kristopher Ho. (Here is reminder of the illustrations I posted last year.)

Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner just helped to design Ikea’s new cookbook. I love the ingredients pages.

(between this and the last post, I might just be hungry.)

Akiko Ida & Pierre Javalle

Food sculptures by married couple Akiko Ida & Pierre Javalle. Check out more here.

Sebastiaan Bremer

Drawings over photographs by Sebastiaan Bremer.


Sculptures by Otecki. I was once told that the tradition of knocking on wood comes from the belief in tree spirits. The thought being that by knocking on a tree, you would wake the spirits and they would look after you. (I am constantly knocking on wood…probably why I like these sculptures so much.)

OK Go – White Knuckles

Watch! (and if you’re unconvinced, there are lots of dogs involved….click!)

Cassandra Laing

I love graphite on paper. My mom has sketchbooks full of hyper-realistic graphite drawings, and I’ve always loved the way they look. This drawing is by an artist named Cassandra Laing. I love the texture of the sky, the wrinkles of the hands, and especially the way the right thumb blends into the illustration of space.