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John Bauer

John Bauer was a Swedish painter/illustrator in the early 1900s, most famous for his fairy tales. I don’t know how I had never heard of him, but I’m making up for lost time by staring at these images for the rest of the day (and probably most of tomorrow.)

{images via Beyond Reason and Monsterism}

Burak Erkil

Photographs by Burak Erkil.

Shuichi Nakano

Paintings from Suichi Nakano‘s series Searching for Paradise.

[thanks Gus]

Martin Usborne

“I was once left in a car at young age. I don’t know at what age or where or for how long, possibly at four years old, perhaps outside Tesco, probably for 15 minutes only. The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back.” – Martin Usborne on the inspiration for his project ‘Mute’ (a project completely comprised of dogs in cars)

[thanks Kathy!]

Jennifer Davis

To all my Minneapolis friends – Jennifer Davis has a new show up at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. To everyone else – she has also updated her flickr (that already seemed full to the brim) and her blog.

OK Go – Last Leaf

Stop motion on 2430 pieces of toast. (this reminds me of you, Emmi)

[Thanks April]

Rich Kelly

Poster design by Rich Kelly.


Simone Lourenco

Paper cuts by Simone Lourenco.

Pip & Pop

Explosions of my childhood? or installations by Pip & Pop? It’s all the same.

[via Jealous Curator]

Eungi Kim

Horsey‘ by Eungi Kim. Quite possibly the funniest bike I’ve ever seen.