Bill Peet

My love for Bill Peet is proving to be exponential (right along with my love for Michael Sporn’s blog.) Currently, Michael Sporn is posting one illustration each from twenty-six of Peet’s children’s books. Check out the first thirteen here. He’s also posted the final illustrations from Cappyboppy here.

(I think Cappyboppy’s still in the lead for my favorite. Just look at him!)

Titles in the order they appear: “Chester, the Worldly Pig”, “Buford the Little Big Horn”, “The Wump World”, “The Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg”, and of Course, “Cappyboppy.”


One response to “Bill Peet

  1. I had almost totally forgotten about Bill Peet until this moment.

    Ah, we talked about him in the first grade, I believe.
    And he had his hand (quite literally!) in most of my favorite Disney movies.
    Evidently, I have always been drawn to his style (this pun also not intended).

    Thanks for stirring up great images and elementary memories!

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