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Yusuke Suzuki

These photographs by Yusuke Suzuki make the 5-year-old in me so jealous. And yes, that last photo is a book bed.


Dietrich Wegner

Sculptures by Dietrich Wegner.

{via freak show}

Bill Peet

Illustrations by Bill Peet, storyman for many of the early Disney films  (Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Sword in the Stone, Alice in Wonderland, and Dumbo, just to start) Michael Sporn has been posting illustrations from Peet’s lovely book on his blog. I highly recommend taking a look at what’s already been posted and checking back for Part 3.

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Christian Schumann

Paintings by Christian Schumann. Click to enlarge – you won’t be sorry! These four images are details from larger works.Here is an example of what a whole painting looks like:

All images via 50 Watts. If you haven’t already updated your bookmarks, Journey Round My Skull has changed name and location and is now going by “50 Watts.” I highly recommend taking a look around, although it is quite addicting, and you may be there all night. (Also a big thank you to 50 Watts for the hat tip!)

Evaline Ness

Illustrations by Evaline Ness.

{via vintage kids books my kid loves}

Elizabeth Hoeckel

Collages by Elizabeth Hoeckel.

Alex Simpson

Etchings by Alex Simpson.