Luigi Serafini

Images from Codex Seraphinianus, written and illustrated by Luigi Serafini in the 1970s. The book is a heavily illustrated encyclopedia of an unknown world. The text is beautiful yet incomprehensible (it has stumped linguists for decades.)  “Serafini has stated that there is no meaning hidden behind the script of the Codex, which is asemic; that his own experience in writing it was closely similar to automatic writing; and that what he wanted his alphabet to convey to the ‘reader’ is the sensation that children feel in front of books they cannot yet understand, although they see that their writing does make sense for grown-ups.”

More images are posted after the jump! And for even more click the link above – the entire book is published online, and it is definitely worth the time!

{forever indebted to magpie and whiskeyjack for posting about this beautiful book!}

4 responses to “Luigi Serafini

  1. Very cool. His art reminds me of the art of Peter Sis.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad somebody finally got around to actually creating the encyclopedia of Tlön.

  3. I’m completely obsessed with the Codex Serafinianus and very happy to share! It brings together my interests in paradox, illustration, science, book arts and so much more.

    Great little blog you have here!

  4. Thank you everybody! I will have look into Peter Sis and read Tlön!
    And @Minouette – after I posted this my roommate told me that she’s seen a copy at a rare book collection in Brooklyn (so jealous.) There are also copies in quite a few rare book libraries (I saw on your blog that you’ve never seen it in person – something to research if you’re ever in New York or if there’s a rare book library near you!)

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