Helga Aichinger

Illustrations by Helga Aichinger. 1970s.

{via arthurvankruining’s photostream and 50 watts}

3 responses to “Helga Aichinger

  1. In the early 1970s the poet Judson Jerome (1927 – 1991) composed brief poems to accompany about a dozen of Helga Aichinger’s illustrations and published his only book for children: “I Never Saw…”
    I corresponded with Jerome from late 1982 until shortly before his death. With his widow’s permission I have posted about thirty-five of his poems and three chapters of his book The Poet and the Poem on my Web site, http://www.poetrycritic.com, along with a page titled “How well I knew Judson Jerome.” One of my correspondents and I are working on improving the Wikipedia article on Jud, which is now brief and inadequate.
    I looked for a Wikipedia article on Helga Aichinger and apparently there isn’t one. Maybe you can do something about that. I’d like to know more about her.

    Hayes Walker

  2. These are great! Do you know whether Helga Aichinger is the twin sister of the Austrian writer Ilse Aichinger?

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