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Happy Birthday, Mary Blair!

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Mary Blair’s birthday (which Google kindly reminded me with this google doodle by Mike Dutton)

And now Mary Blair herself:

1. Personal paintings

2. Concept art for Alice in Wonderland

3. Set concept for Cole Black and the Seven Dwarfs

4. Concept art for Peter Pan

{Images  from Michael Sporn’s Splog – check out his website for much much more}


Jen Tong

Illustrations by Jen Tong.

{via curiosities and clockwork}

John K

Last night, John K. (creator of Ren & Stimpy) guest animated the Simpson’s intro couch gag. Definitely take a look!

Cartoon Brew has posted a wonderfully in-depth interview with John K about his work on this project. They have also posted a series of clips showing John K’s process (with much better sound effects than the video above!)