Monthly Archives: November 2011

Carlos Grangel


I learned of Carlos Grangel this past weekend at CTN. His character designs blew me away – his characters have such variety in shapes, silhouette, and personality. There’s something so elegant about his model sheets (even though many of them have been drawn on cereal boxes!)

Enjoy! And make sure to take a look at the other great work on his website.

Oscar Grillo

I just got back from the CTN expo in Burbank where I had the good fortune of having dinner with Oscar Grillo, illustrator and former-animator. If you ever have the chance, I strongly recommend attending one of his lectures. He is full of stories, artwork, and inspiration. On top of that, he is absolutely hilarious – he had our crowd in hysterics.

The images above have come from both his personal blog and his commercial blog. In the coming days I will also be posting some of the great artists he introduced me to.


I have posted about APAK before and have loved them ever since (who could hate those neon colored space men?!)  And now APAK is selling a beautiful 2012 Space Calendar on their Etsy.

If you’re a fan of APAK get over there quick!

And if you’re new to This is a What, check out my first APAK post here.