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50 Watts Polish Book Cover Contest

50 Watts just held a book cover contest in which participants were challenged to design the “Polish edition” of their favorite book. Directly above is the winning book cover designed by Ben Jones.

I like this contest idea for many reasons, but mostly because everyone got to choose their own book. You can tell that participants have chosen books that mean something to them, books that they know. The resulting entries are energetic and exciting. I highly recommend taking a look at the rest of the book covers (winners posted here; all entries posted on flickr here) Major props to 50 Watts and to everyone who submitted!

{the artists from top to bottom: Agnes Legowiecka, Andrew Evan Harner, Elena Giavaldi, Ted Houghtaling,  and once again Ben Jones}

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Brian Detmerr

Brian Detmerr makes sculptures out of books and cassettes. The altered books are particularly inspiring to me. Check them out on his flickr.

Jennifer Khoshbin

Book art by Jennifer Khoshbin’s. I love how she manipulates books with specific words and illustrations (both her own illustrations and those found in the books she uses) Even the way she cuts the paper is appealing . Go to her website immediately – I wanted to post pretty much every image.