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Jeffrey Meyer

Collages by Jeffrey Meyer.

{via not paper}


Elizabeth Hoeckel

Collages by Elizabeth Hoeckel.

Ramona Szczerba

Collages by Ramona Szczerba.

Emilia Simon

Collages by Emilia Simon. Makes me want to print some photos and start collaging.

Allison Diaz

Collages by Allison Diaz.

Octavio Cavieres

Mixed Media by Ocatvio Cavieres. That first one makes me especially happy.

Melinda Gibson

Photo Montages by Melinda Gibson. Her blog has many more, plus a collection of interesting artists and inspiration.

Abigail Reynolds

I posted a couple pieces by Abigail Reynolds a couple months ago without knowing her name or having a proper link back. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon her again, and it turns out she’s even cooler than I thought. She searches through tourist guides to find images that are almost identical (both in scale and in viewpoint.) She then folds them together to make these beautiful pieces.

Jesse Lenz

Collages by Jesse Lenz.

Peter Clark

Peter Clark makes paper collages using found papers (and only found papers – no paints, no inks.) I love how much depth and texture he gets by choosing the papers carefully and varying pattern and color. Also love the added effect of folding and cutting paper -especially in the first one.