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Oscar Grillo

I just got back from the CTN expo in Burbank where I had the good fortune of having dinner with Oscar Grillo, illustrator and former-animator. If you ever have the chance, I strongly recommend attending one of his lectures. He is full of stories, artwork, and inspiration. On top of that, he is absolutely hilarious – he had our crowd in hysterics.

The images above have come from both his personal blog and his commercial blog. In the coming days I will also be posting some of the great artists he introduced me to.

Gala Bent


Party Pooper

Ship For Fools


Drawings by Gala Bent. I’ve added the titles to these pieces because I think they add a lot of clarity and personality.

{via Juxtapoz}

Adara Sanchez Anguiano

Drawings by Adara Sanchez Anguiano. I was just checking the life drawing schedule for the weeks, and these drawings doubled my enthusiasm. I love the loose, almost effortless, quality to the lines. I will definitely be looking again before my next life drawing session.

{via Kathy Akey}

Mattias Adolfsson: Part Three

More from the ever-prolific Mattias Adolfsson.

Andreas Deja

Samples from Andreas Deja’s animal sketchbook. And if you  haven’t been over to his blog yet, you’re not doing yourself any favors. He has continued to post wonderful material from Disney’s Nine Old Men and other classic artists, as well as some of his own work (such as the wonderful drawings above as well as this hilarious pencil test) Go!

Brian Scott Camptbell

Drawings by Brian Scott Campbell.

{via Hard Feelings}




Nicolas Marlet

Caricatures by Nicolas Marlet. This settles it – I’m gonna try to start doing some caricature.

{via Hans Bacher’s Animation Treasures}

Pablo Boffelli

Drawings by Pablo Boffelli.

{via Booooooom!}

Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone creates her artwork using a typewriter (!), the letters, numbers, and symbols becoming her brushstrokes. This medium would make the perfect newspaper illustrations, wouldn’t it? Here’s a closer look:

{via My Love for You}

Mike Lay

Drawings by Mike Lay.

{via brown paper bag}