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Sophie Lécuyer

ghostnet feu.lecuyer lecuyer44 lecuyer43 le bal des ours

Every now and then I stumble upon a new artist that has me instantly transfixed. Sophie Lécuyer is definitely one of those artists – I have a feeling I will be returning to her work again and again.

Genevieve Godbout


Colored pencils illustrations by Genevieve Godbout. The following illustrations are all from the same children’s book about an ogress. (Unfortunately I’m having trouble finding the book’s name…) In any case, the illustrations are my favorite from her blog. There’s a nice contrast between the ugliness of the ogress and the softness of the colored pencil.





{via Cartoon Brew}

Mordicai Gerstein

Illustrations from Something Queer is Going On, written by Elizabeth Levy and illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein. 

{via Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid Loves}


Brian Wildsmith

Illustrations from Brian Wildsmith’s book, Wild Animals.

{via Vintage Books my Kid Loves}

Jeannie Lynn Paske


Illustrations by Jeannie Lynn Paske

T.S. Sullivant






One of the best. I could look through T.S. Sullivant’s work for ages (those animals! that crosshatching!) 

{images via Deja View and Animation Treasures)

Ralph Barton

Images by artist/caricaturist Ralph Barton taken from “The Last Dandy, Ralph Barton, American Artist, 1891-1931” by Bruce Keller, published 1991.

{via Michael Sporn}