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Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean

A great Zoetrope-inspired music video by Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean. Things to know: The band is is The Weekend People, the song is We are Police, and the Zoetropes are tons of fun.

{via Cartoon Brew}

OK Go – Last Leaf

Stop motion on 2430 pieces of toast. (this reminds me of you, Emmi)

[Thanks April]

Kate Bush

I don’t usually post about music, but this song is too pretty, and that dance is too cool.

[thanks Alex]

OK Go – White Knuckles

Watch! (and if you’re unconvinced, there are lots of dogs involved….click!)

Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Taking this post straight from Cartoon Brew because I love it so much.

“Blockhead’s “The Music Scene” by Anthony Francisco Schepperd will be one of the finest animated music videos you’ll see this year. You can’t fake this kind of animation—Schepperd is an animator’s animator whose drawings breathe and pulsate with energy surging from one subject matter to another. His surrealistic morphing visuals are rooted in solid drawing and his rough animation style complements his seemingly stream-of-conscious flow of visual ideas. The pencil mileage that went into making this is mind-boggling; the only credit on the Vimeo page is Schepperd, and if he animated the entire thing himself, all I can say is wow! Along with last year’s video for Ape School’s “Wail to God”, Schepperd has proven himself to be one of the most exciting traditional animators on the scene right now. Find out more about his work at TheManimator.com.” -Amid Amidi

Le P’tit Bal

I was feeling very uninspired and lazy today, and then I saw this video directed by Philippe Decoufle.


OK. Back. Get ready for explosion of nonsense.

First off. I was on a shoot all weekend, and Saturday’s set was in Jersey. So call time was terrifyingly early and we all piled into a giant van and slept our way through the Holland Tunnel. And when we were a couple blocks away they starting blasting Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead to wake us up and make us happy.

And obviously it has been stuck in my head ever since because that is what happens.But I just went to Youtube to listen to it and was not expecting the video to be so friggin cool. So I don’t know if I’m like 50 years late in posting this video but even if I am…go watch it again. Because great awesome fantastic.

Also we’re doing lip sync in animation right now, and this video does it well with almost no frames. So that’s cool.


SOUR – Hibi No Neiro

OK so I have seen this video posted on every website this week, and at first I wasn’t going to repost it. But let’s be honest, if I didn’t repost it, I would just end up sending you the link anyways. Because on the off chance that you haven’t seen this yet, you really MUST see it.