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Giacoma Balla

A couple years ago I posted this image:


It is a painting by Giacoma Balla, entitled Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash and it is one of my favorites. I love when artists capture movement in a still image…it probably appeals to my love of animation.  

Somehow I never bothered to look up Balla’s other paintings. Tonight I did a long overdue Google search. Here are two more that stood out to me (Street Light and The Hand of the Violinist):






Ralph Barton

Images by artist/caricaturist Ralph Barton taken from “The Last Dandy, Ralph Barton, American Artist, 1891-1931” by Bruce Keller, published 1991.

{via Michael Sporn}


Wang Aiying

Paintings by Wang Aiying, done using rice paper.

{via Beautiful/Decay}

John Canemaker

Watercolors by  John Canemaker. This blog has always been an archive of artists that inspire me, and I could never complete such a list without including John Canemaker. He is a personal hero of mine, and I am forever indebted to him for such genuine inspiration. Go read his books! Watch his films! (And if you go to NYU – absolutely take his classes)

{via Michael Sporn’s Splog – many more paintings to be found!}


Paintings by Bernadette. I am especially partial to those top two (I hope you did not overlook the faces on those rocks!)





Charmagne Coe

I return to Charmagne Coe’s work again and again, knowing that no matter how frequently I check, she will have new paintings and drawings. It is so nice to see an artist working so consistently (especially when the work is so wonderful!)

Previous posts about Charmagne Coe: here and here.

Olaf Hajek

Paintings from the ever-talented Olaf Hajek.

{via dark silence in suburbia – thank you for reminding me of his work!}

Yasuhide Kunimoto

Paintings by Yasuhide Kunimoto.

{via the jealous curator}

Christian Schumann

Paintings by Christian Schumann. Click to enlarge – you won’t be sorry! These four images are details from larger works.Here is an example of what a whole painting looks like:

All images via 50 Watts. If you haven’t already updated your bookmarks, Journey Round My Skull has changed name and location and is now going by “50 Watts.” I highly recommend taking a look around, although it is quite addicting, and you may be there all night. (Also a big thank you to 50 Watts for the hat tip!)

Rick Leong

Paintings by Rick Leong.

{via Booooooom}