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Shayna Leib


Glass sculptures by Shayna Leib. To create each sculpture, Leib pulls over a mile of thin glass and cuts it into tens of thousands of pieces. Check out the process here.

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Diem Chau

Crayon sculptures by Diem Chau.

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Dietrich Wegner

Sculptures by Dietrich Wegner.

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Michaela Bruton

Sculpture by Michaela Bruton, as a part of her current exhibit “Oomph Trajectories” in Melbourne. Her work uses repetitive line and fine wire-working. “In this work Michaela examines how movement and rhythm can be generated through repetitive pattern, and whether this can create an illusion of life or ‘oomph’ in otherwise inanimate forms. The essence of time and hand made processes is reflected through works that pursue repetitious detailing.”- Craft

Derek Weisberg

“My goal is to create images, which are accessible and allow the viewer to have an experience which can not be easily articulated, but felt.” – Derek Weisberg

I’d say goal achieved.

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Julian Callos

Illustrations by Julian Callos. Follow the jump for a series of animal sculptures (his blog has too many good things to choose from)

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Jason deCaires Taylor

Underwater sculpture installations by Jason deCaires Taylor. Check out his website here – there are too many pictures to choose from!

Dalton Ghetti

Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti, made from the lead of a pencil.

Akiko Ida & Pierre Javalle

Food sculptures by married couple Akiko Ida & Pierre Javalle. Check out more here.


Sculptures by Otecki. I was once told that the tradition of knocking on wood comes from the belief in tree spirits. The thought being that by knocking on a tree, you would wake the spirits and they would look after you. (I am constantly knocking on wood…probably why I like these sculptures so much.)