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Kelsey Oseid

Kelsey Oseid has finished all 50 of her State Bird prints (a project in which she illustrated each state with the feather pattern found on their official state bird.) All 50 prints are available at her Etsy shop.


I have posted about APAK before and have loved them ever since (who could hate those neon colored space men?!)  And now APAK is selling a beautiful 2012 Space Calendar on their Etsy.

If you’re a fan of APAK get over there quick!

And if you’re new to This is a What, check out my first APAK post here.

Kelsey Oseid’s new Etsy

I posted about Kelsey‘s state bird project back in May. Since then, she has been busy adding states to the series and even starting an Etsy shop to sell the prints! Personally, I think they’d make great gifts for many occasions (know someone going away to college in the fall?) Go take a look!