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Eungi Kim

Horsey‘ by Eungi Kim. Quite possibly the funniest bike I’ve ever seen.

Happy Magic Water Park!

WOAH! Beijing transformed the 2008 Olympic pool into what looks like the coolest water park ever.

And yes, it is actually called the Happy Magic Water Park…but don’t you think this place can totally pull that off?

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

I am having trouble sleeping and grumpily watching hours pass on the clock. However it really cheers me up that Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen has made such beautiful ships out of bananas.

Thank you, Cordell Barker

Lace Tree

I wish I knew how to make this.

Fulvio Bonavia

These make me smile

Photos by Fulivo Bonavia

Evasion Urbaine

Evasion Urbaine is a public art piece created by Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille. – ‘With the advent of the mobile phone, the booth cabin are unused. We rediscovered this glass box to transform it into an urban aquarium full of coloured fish. This is an invitation to travel and to escape the daily city environment.’

Beautiful Toast

I want my toast to look like this.

Celebrity Teabags

So I don’t usually post about things like this….

but these teabags crack me up so much that I’m doing it anyways.

Yoshikazu Yamagata

I am in a silly mood today, and these Yoshikazu Yamagata’s website is just about right. Check it out here.