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Mattias Adolfsson: Part Three

More from the ever-prolific Mattias Adolfsson.

Mattias Adolfsson: Part 2

More drawings from Mattias Adolfsson. His website is entirely inspiring, and I’m guessing that if you’re in artistic rut, he’ll help get you out of it. He does not stick with any single subject matter; he draws silverware, monsters, architecture, boats, fishing lures, anything, and he makes even the mundane look fresh and exciting.

Drawings from his sketchbooks after the jump

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Mattias Adolfsson: Part 1

I attempted to fit Mattias Adolfsson‘s work into a single post, but he is far too prolific. The images above (also continued after the jump) are all from sketchbooks. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking (“I need to see these drawings in person!”) then you’re in luck! Adolfsson has just published a book, and you can find it here. Orders before June 1st will be signed, so hurry!

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