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Organizing the Bookshelf

Stop-motion by Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp

Unfortunately you will have to go to youtube to watch this because of music copyright. But it’s only a click away! Do it!

OK Go – Last Leaf

Stop motion on 2430 pieces of toast. (this reminds me of you, Emmi)

[Thanks April]


Alex just showed me this short animation by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon, and Joaquin Cociña. It’s a bit on the creepy side, but well worth it.


Some more stop motion by Hardcuore. Not spelling that wrong.

I like when commercials are this cool:

Sorry I’m Late

This is a short film in the same vein as Her Morning Elegance. The film is a series of still photos short from the ceiling with bigger objects (such as the car and the house) held directly in front of the camera for proportions. Very cool.

(Quality is definitely better on Vimeo, but it’s not letting me post that link)

Soda Popinski + Sea Urchins

Look at this cute thing directed by Ian McAlpin.