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New Header

In line with our new header:

“If fonts were dogs” has been circulating the internet, but I can’t seem to find the artist’s name. In any case, let’s hear it for dogs. I particularly like Eurostile and Bodoni right now.

And as for the header – it is a photo taken by Alex Loeb while studying abroad in Prague.

Scott Teplin

I will always have a soft spot for themed alphabets. Scott Teplin’s “Alphabet City” of dream houses can be found here. I would also recommend looking around the site, because he has some pretty great sketchbooks and experiments up.

He also has a print version:

More Text – Jeremy Pettis

Dear Kelsey,

Text always makes me think of you. Check out this Flickr page – Jeremy Pettis designed a font for twenty-six different animals. The Jelly Fish is my favorite:


Bela Borsodi

I think this Alphabet series by Bela Borsodi is so cool. I can’t believe how straight and precise she got some of these lines to be.





something else that isn’t what i have promised

Scan 12

i will never finish the challenge.

here is a thing i found, it’s the first time i did that hide-a-word-y thing that makes things so impossible to read.  but it kind of makes me laugh.