Monthly Archives: July 2010

Brief Pause

I will be in Iceland and France for the next two weeks, so sadly no posts for awhile. But come August I will be back in New York excited to use the internet again.

Until then, happy summer!


John & Karen

Written and directed by Matthew Walker


Photos by Garmonique

Cesar Díaz

Sand animation made by taking photos of sand on a light board. The film is animated and directed by Cesar Díaz, and his process can be seen below.

Tell No One

Tell No One is an experimental film blog made up of London-based filmmakers Luke White and Remi Weekes. Of their blog, they write:

“Intended to be a peek into our experimental process, we hope to post our on-going ideas, inspirations and processes. Think of this as like an informal brainstorm.

We love making music videos and commercials, so we hope this blog may attract the attention of music artists, production houses and even other film makers that would want to collaborate or even expand upon our ideas!” – Luke White and Remi Weekes

Watch more of their experiments here.

Amira Fritz

Fashion photography by Amira Fritz.

Anna-Wili Highfield

Anna-Wili Highfield makes sculptures by tearing up painted paper and sewing it back together. I especially love the painting she does for the birds’ wings.

Fulvio Bonavia

These make me smile

Photos by Fulivo Bonavia

Nir Ben Jacob

“About a year ago I stumbled on these old wood-chip plate compositions my late grandfather made. They’re a beautiful example of early Israeli-Yemenite art. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to animate them. They had been in storage for decades so it meant a great deal to bring them out and breathe life into them. This was an opportunity to not only contribute to his work, but also expose it to the audience it never had. It is the official video.” – Nir Ben Jacob

Wilford Barrington

I like to imagine that instead of trying to keep these people still, Wilford simply added new positions to his drawings every time they moved. I can’t find any information about his process, so that purely is speculation/imagination. In any case, I like his portraits quite a bit; the rest can be found here.