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Happy Birthday, Mary Blair!

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Mary Blair’s birthday (which Google kindly reminded me with this google doodle by Mike Dutton)

And now Mary Blair herself:

1. Personal paintings

2. Concept art for Alice in Wonderland

3. Set concept for Cole Black and the Seven Dwarfs

4. Concept art for Peter Pan

{Images  from Michael Sporn’s Splog – check out his website for much much more}


Mary Blair


I am in the last 5 weeks of production on my thesis film (meaning the deadline is 5 weeks away and I am scrambling to schedule all of the final steps into such a small amount of time. also meaning I have not had as much time for blog posts lately, which I apologize for!) Lately I have been doing some research on background design and color to start getting excited and inspired, and today Mary Blair is standing out to me. Above is some of her concept work for Peter Pan. Much MUCH more can be found on Michael Sporn’s blog.