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Brandon Jan Blommaert

And as long as I’m posting about styrofoam cup art – look at these junk sculptures!





Cheeming Boey

Cheeming Boey was just featured on Booooooom for his cups. I think this first one is a self-portrait.


He also has this crazy online journal:



Another newly minted good mood

Bear fad. Bird fad.

These are some animal islands. Or just some really big animals bathing.


this is a Courtney

Another new painting


Here is another new painting I made.  Ah!


Seeing about this….


Here is one of the new paintings I’ve been working on.  After some thought, I think it looks a bit like a First Communion card or something.  Please tell me what you think.



Corny, I’m back in black.  And my first post in my newly minted good mood is going to be about these porcelain bears.

Porcelain bears

I love bears, and I think this piece is a great new take on the whole bear fad.  (Total bear fad goin’ on, at least in my head.)  I mean, they’re supposed to be in love, but to me they look like they’re just hangin out, which is just what I want bears to do.

I have another bear picture I’ll post later.



Courtney is feeling lazy and uninspired.