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Ponyo Opening Titles

I finally got a chance to see Ponyo this weekend. One of the sequences that I have continued thinking about was actually the opening titles. I love them; they had me totally mesmerized. Luckily I’m not the only one, and I was able to find them posted online. Enjoy!

The Taste of Tea

This movie is fantastic, and I recommend everyone see it immediately.


Tell No One

Tell No One is an experimental film blog made up of London-based filmmakers Luke White and Remi Weekes. Of their blog, they write:

“Intended to be a peek into our experimental process, we hope to post our on-going ideas, inspirations and processes. Think of this as like an informal brainstorm.

We love making music videos and commercials, so we hope this blog may attract the attention of music artists, production houses and even other film makers that would want to collaborate or even expand upon our ideas!” – Luke White and Remi Weekes

Watch more of their experiments here.


Hey Corny.  I’m taking some time off of my [time sensitive] work [that I really should not be ignoring] to draw.  It’s just been too much lately, and I need this break.  It’s pretty cathartic too, especially with the assistance of STEPDAD.  Nick’s roommate’s brother showed us their music last weekend (playing it to accompany Evgeny Plushenko’s short program, in fact, which was hilarious).

I like this “wildlife electro-pop” or whatever they call it and the cheezey-ness just makes it better.  Check out the video below, which is awkwardly bad and yet totally great- perhaps listen to the song w/o visuals first.

Le P’tit Bal

I was feeling very uninspired and lazy today, and then I saw this video directed by Philippe Decoufle.

SOUR – Hibi No Neiro

OK so I have seen this video posted on every website this week, and at first I wasn’t going to repost it. But let’s be honest, if I didn’t repost it, I would just end up sending you the link anyways. Because on the off chance that you haven’t seen this yet, you really MUST see it.