Monthly Archives: August 2010

Melinda Josie

The subject matter’s a little eerie, but the paintings are oh so pretty. Check out the rest of Melinda Josie’s work here.

Jesse Lenz

Collages by Jesse Lenz.

Kotori Kawashima

Mirai-Chan is a new book by Kotori Kawashima made up of photos of her daughter. I love this girl.

Os Gemeos & Futura

Last year I posted about a mural on Bowery & Houston painted by Os Gemeos. Unfortunately, that mural was recently redone (a fact that I was 100% not ready for.) Luckily, Os Gemeos is at it again. For anyone in New York, the mural above is located in the New York schoolyard of Public School 11 (map courtesy of My Love For You) It was a collaboration between Os Gemeos and street artist Futura, and it looks incredible.

Happy Magic Water Park!

WOAH! Beijing transformed the 2008 Olympic pool into what looks like the coolest water park ever.

And yes, it is actually called the Happy Magic Water Park…but don’t you think this place can totally pull that off?

Dan-ah Kim

Artwork by Dan-ah Kim

Eibatova Karina

I saw the top watercolor on Design for Mankind and was immediately hooked. Eibatova Karina’s photostream is a lot of fun and includes a LOT of styles.

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

I am having trouble sleeping and grumpily watching hours pass on the clock. However it really cheers me up that Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen has made such beautiful ships out of bananas.

Bill Plympton

“Idiots and Angels”, Bill Plympton’s new feature (!), is being released this October. Better yet, there is a screening at the IFC Center on October 6th. Everybody should go (very much a demand.)

Visit the official website (there are lots of video clips) or his blog for more information.

Thank you, Cordell Barker