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Kerry Skarbakka falls all over the place!

kerry_skarbakka_02Ok, Corny, this makes me cringe, but in an awesome way.  This is Kerry Skarbakka, a photographer who takes photos of himself doing insane stuff.  These photos are part of a series of falls he actually performed.  Yea, he actually did this.  The best word I can think of to describe them is “striking”- not just because the falling looks insane, but because they are also great pictures.  By the way, he has actually like fractured his ribs, etc from these.



Alicia Bock

Picture 1

Makes me want to go to Paris.

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Emmanuel Malin

So it’s quite possible that I’ve been blogging too much today. But I just found illustrator, Emmanuel Malin, and became obsessed in all of two seconds.


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No real order

OK. Also, I was looking through my the folder on my desktop where I keep random photos that I find and like.

1. Neil Krug

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Natalie Ratkovski

So I just spent a really long time on Natalie Ratkovski’s flickr page. She has some really cool illustrations. I really like the background and the polar bear in this one.


Also she has some great sketchbooks.


Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland was just featured on BOOOOOOOM! Mostly I just like how they’re not quite realistic, and they’re not quite abstract. so I started looking around her website and found some other paintings I really like. Like this “elusive moose”:


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Paula Mills: Questionable Cuteness

Paula Mills 1

Hi Corny! How is being back in New York? Well, I have been ambling around the internet and I found Paula Mills. She seems to make like, everything- collages, paintings, drawings, crafts, and photos…. and sells a bunch of stuff on Etsy. A lot of this stuff is really fun to my eyes, but I’m not quite sure what to think of some of the sort of racist imagery in some of her stuff.

Paula Mills 2

Like, in this REALLY cool looking alphabet, “I” stands for “Indian.” Uhh…. And I’m pretty sure the picture of an “Indian” is a bit problematic as well. Well I decided to post her anyway because the brightness of everything is getting me all inspire-y. Just….. remember that I am not a fan of racist imagery, even if it’s being used ironically, as I suspect it may be here.

Also! Julene Harrison

Julene Harrison papercut

OH man.  Is this stuff by Julene Harrison awesome or WHAT.  (Plus I love the saying, ha ha!)

[This is a Kelsey, again.]

Cut Copy Poster

Cut CopyI think this poster for Cut Copy by Justin David Cox is so clever and fun. (Warning: Some explicit stuff on that link.)  (However, all of his work is the best.  Especially, check out that Ratatat poster.)

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