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Kerry Skarbakka falls all over the place!

kerry_skarbakka_02Ok, Corny, this makes me cringe, but in an awesome way.  This is Kerry Skarbakka, a photographer who takes photos of himself doing insane stuff.  These photos are part of a series of falls he actually performed.  Yea, he actually did this.  The best word I can think of to describe them is “striking”- not just because the falling looks insane, but because they are also great pictures.  By the way, he has actually like fractured his ribs, etc from these.




Alicia Bock

Picture 1

Makes me want to go to Paris.

[This is a Kelsey]

Emmanuel Malin

So it’s quite possible that I’ve been blogging too much today. But I just found illustrator, Emmanuel Malin, and became obsessed in all of two seconds.


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No real order

OK. Also, I was looking through my the folder on my desktop where I keep random photos that I find and like.

1. Neil Krug

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Natalie Ratkovski

So I just spent a really long time on Natalie Ratkovski’s flickr page. She has some really cool illustrations. I really like the background and the polar bear in this one.


Also she has some great sketchbooks.


Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland was just featured on BOOOOOOOM! Mostly I just like how they’re not quite realistic, and they’re not quite abstract. so I started looking around her website and found some other paintings I really like. Like this “elusive moose”:


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