Monthly Archives: April 2010

Gregory Euclide

“When I am in nature I experience the world through all of my senses in a dynamic way, but at the
same time I am framing what I see through the cultural expectations I have absorbed through
representational systems such as landscape painting, wildlife documentary, and travel guides. It
is very difficult, then, to have a true, non-mediated experience of nature even though I may long
for it. My work explores the contradictions between the projection of idealized, picturesque views
of landscape and my desire to have an authentic experience in nature.” – Gregory Euclide


two things I like

I love this print by Judy Kaufman (also the first page of her website is great)

and this Feist poster by Dan Padavic (thanks to the comment below!)

Elsa Mora

I love paper sculptures and papercuts, and Elsa Mora’s are fantastic. 

Geninne Zlatkis

It seems Geninne shares my love for birds. Check out her blog – she has some really nice work, and she blogs about every step of the process.

Jaakko Mattila

Artwork by Jaakko Mattila

Virginia Frances Sterrett

Kathy says that Virginia Frances Sterrett’s work belongs on this is a what. I agree.

Daniaelle Simonsen

These pieces by Danielle Simonsen combine sewing and drawing. Check them out immediately.