Monthly Archives: February 2011

Erik Sandgren

Paintings by Erik Sandgren

{via Dark Silence in Suburbia}

Organizing the Bookshelf

Stop-motion by Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp

Unfortunately you will have to go to youtube to watch this because of music copyright. But it’s only a click away! Do it!

Erik Mark Sandberg


Mixed Media pieces by Erik Mark Sandberg.

{via freaksonline}


Street art by ROA. If you’re a fan, definitely check out the website. He’s everywhere!

Katy Horan

Mixed media pieces by Katy Horan.

Angela Fox

Drawings by Angela Fox. I don’t know about you, but I find these super inspiring. I have to go grab a cup of coffee and start drawing immediately.

{via Pikaland}

Jacek Yerka

If I ever need inspiration for designing fantasy worlds, Jacek Yerka will be my first stop. Giant wind-up clock creatures? Sold.


Illustrations from Lattona‘s flickr page.

Cara Despain

Artwork by Cara Despain. This last image is a collaborative installation between both Cara Despain and Mary Toscano.

Ramona Szczerba

Collages by Ramona Szczerba.