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Concept Art

So I mentioned I was doing some concept art for people. It’s been really weird trying to figure out how to draw for other people. It still takes me awhile to ask the right questions. And soooo many times I go to the director with something that is nowhere near what they were thinking.

But hey…

So here are some things. I will post drawings from my own film soon.

(this one is not so much a concept drawing…just the character that the director is thinking of)


A Bear

Another newly minted good mood

Bear fad. Bird fad.

These are some animal islands. Or just some really big animals bathing.


this is a Courtney


OK. This is not actually finished completely, but I lost momentum, and now I feel like I was kinda nutso when I started making it in the first place because it’s so weird. And now I’m questioning my ability to finish the last couple details….also I was supposed to post this a week ago. SO here it is as of now…

Sentence: While that smile was on his face no one dared address him; all they could do was to stand ready to obey.

Weird Thingy:

IMG_0924 (3)

Click to enlarge

Unfortunately this picture flattens it out a lot. Imagine the cardboard popping out more and being more cave-y


EDIT: I think I know what I should have done. Consider this preliminary. Stay tuned for revisions.

Animal Fad

After seeing Up again, I have decided that birds are definitely in the running for this year’s animal fad. Funny looking birds.UP_wallpapers_1600x1200_06

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Animal Trees

Ok, I have to make this quick because my dad is about to steal me away to the cabin.

Animal Trees

So I had this idea for an animation and decided to draw it out. I think if I do end up animating it I will probably change the colors as to not pretend that I’m Dr. Seuss. That was not anticipated

Kelsey, I don’t know how to use this website.

[this is a Courtney]